AGH University Main Library

FAQ - general information

Who can use AGH Main Library?
The services of the AGH Main Library are available to all who are registered in the Library.
What resources can be found in the AGH Main Library?
Users of the Library have the possibility to:
  • borrow books (after previous order);
  • Remote access to e-resources;
  • access to materials available in reading rooms (scientific journals, daily press, standards, dissertations, maps, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, guidebooks)
  • access to scientific databases;
  • obtaining scans of materials that are not available for lending (after placing an order for scans of articles from printed journals or fragments of other publications that are not available for lending);
Detailed information on how to use the above services is described in the following paragraphs. Many tasks are carried out remotely and do not require visiting the Library. Before coming to the AGH Main Library you may contact us by phone (12 617 32 12, Mon-Thu 8.00 - 19.45, Fri 8.00 - 18.00, Sat 8.00 - 15.00) or by email writing to: udo[at][dot]pl.