AGH University Main Library

Towards the disabled

The Library staff make sure that the disabled have access to the Library collections; therefore:

  • A computer magnifier has been installed for partially sighted users;
  • The catalogue room has been equipped with specially designed computer stands which provide easy access to the online catalogue for the disabled;
  • The Special Collections Department holds audiovisual materials for partially sighted or hard-of-hearing users: mainly educational aids (foreign language learning textbooks and tapes, educational films etc.);
  • Given the architectural obstacles – preventing people in wheelchairs from moving freely on the Library premises – the disabled are allowed to borrow Library items which, as a rule, are available for use on site only;
  • The Library staff work on the digitalisation of the collection and make it available online;
  • The Library provides access to e-journals and other databases.

[Powiększalnik dla osób słabowidzących]

A computer magnifier for partially sighted users