AGH University Main Library


Registration in the Library

First-year students (1st and 2nd cycle) of our University who completed the registration form in the Library during recruitment for studies will be remotely registered in the AGH Main Library (the entry condition is complete data on the registration form).

Other users can register individually (on site) from October 4, 2021.

Identity document and Electronic Student's Card (ELS) are required.

Students registered in the Library can borrow books home and use remote access to e-sources.


We invite you to watch a presentation about the Library


To borrow books home, check their availability in the catalogue, and then place an order by selecting the Lending Room as the place of collection. All ordered books can be picked up in person at the Lending Room, upon presentation of the student ID / library card.

A new method of returning borrowed books has been launched.
In front of the entrance of the Main Library there is a bookdrop (a device for returning books). This device allows a convenient and contact-free way of returning books.
If the user only wants to return the books, we recommend using the bookdrop ( Bookdrop in the Main Library of AGH-UST – Terms of Use ). It can be used 7 days a week from 6.00 to 22.00.
If the user, after returning the books, would like to immediately borrow other publications, extend the the term of returning books or obtain a signature on the clearance slip, please return the books at the designated stand in the library hall, during the opening hours of the Lending Room.

Clearance slip
The signature on the clearance slip can be obtained at the designated stand in the library hall (during the opening hours of the Lending Room), after all borrowed books have been returned and any financial obligations have been settled (in cash, at the Library's ticket office).


In case of any problem please contact our staff:

Lending Room (for Students and Employees):
phone +48 012 617 32 12

Catalogue information can be obtained at the phone number
+48 12 617 32 11