AGH University Main Library

Accessibility Statement

The Accessibility Statement of the Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology is divided into 2 parts:
Web accessibility statementArchitectural accessibility
Web accessibility statement

The AGH Main Library undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The accessibility statement applies to the AGH Main Library website.
  •     Date of publication of the website: 10.2012
  •     Date of last significant update: 09.2020

The website is partially compliant with the Digital Accessibility of Public Entity Websites and Mobile Applications Act due to the incompatibilities or exclusions listed below.
Inaccessible content:
  •     content not formatted according to the accessibility standard,
  •     added images in the form of photographs, posters, or other graphic forms that do not have additional descriptions,
  •     diagrams, visualized structures, which do not have additional descriptions,
  •     tables not formatted in accordance with an accessibility standard.
  •     posted documents in scanned form and no equivalent in accessible form or no representation of the content on the website.
  •     Declaration made on: 22.09.2020
  •     The Declaration was last reviewed and updated on: 29.03.2022
The declaration was drawn up on the basis of a self-assessment.
Feedback and contact details:

Responsible for handling comments and applications: Agnieszka Zych
e-mail: agnieszka.zych[at][dot]pl
telephone: +48 12 617 32 14
Everyone has the right to:
  •     make comments on the accessibility of the digital site or an element thereof,
  •     to request that a digital site or element thereof be made accessible,
  •     request that the inaccessible information is made available in another alternative form.
The request must include:
  •     the contact details of the person making the request,
  •     an indication of the page or element of the page to which the request relates,
  •     an indication of the convenient form in which the information can be made available if the request is for the non-disclosable information to be made available in an alternative form.

The request should be dealt with promptly, at the latest within 7 days.
If it is not possible to provide accessibility or provide access in an alternative form within this period, it should take place at the latest within 2 months of the date of notification.
Complaints and Appeals
Where an entity refuses to comply with a request to provide accessibility or alternative access to information, a complaint may be lodged against such action.
Once all possibilities have been exhausted, the complaint can also be sent to the Ombudsman.
Architectural accessibility
Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology, al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow, building U-1
1. Access to the building and passing through control areas

There is a ramp in front of the main entrance to the Library.
2. Accessibility of corridors, stairs, and lifts
The building has a lift equipped with voice announcements and labels in Braille, adapted for the independent movement of persons with mobility impairments.
Access to the lift from the main lobby via a service aisle and for people with disabilities (details in the Catalogue Room on the ground floor).
3. Description of adaptations, for example, ramps, platforms, voice information, and induction loops.
Doors leading to the rooms are labeled in Braille.
The Self Study Reading Room is equipped with an induction loop.
There is a suitably equipped toilet for people with disabilities on each floor.
There is a computer station in the Main Reading Room (1st floor, room 123) with a scanner and a program for converting scanned text, a reading program, and an electronic enlarger for the visually impaired.
4. Information on where and how to use parking spaces designated for the disabled.

There are parking spaces in front of the building designated for people with disabilities.
There is an entrance to the car park from 7 Reymonta Street (Main Gate). Entrance to the car park is restricted by a barrier at which there is an intercom and an attendant's desk. It is possible to apply for a card to open the barrier or to be assisted by an AGH security guard.
5. Information about the right to enter with an assistance dog and any reasonable restrictions.
You may enter the building with an assistance dog.
6.  Information about the possibility of using a sign language interpreter on-site or online.

If you require a sign language interpreter on-site or online, please contact the Collections Accessibility Unit at udo[at][dot]pl.